Who do you welcome?

I welcome anyone who wants a moment of relaxation and reconnection to themselves, regardless of age, gender, religion, origin, sexual orientation or any other qualifier. You will be received with respect, benevolence, without prejudices, in order to immerse you in your moment, your experience, your trip. Guide dogs are welcome (only in sunny weather).

Can I shower before or after the massage?

You will be hosted in my apartment, equipped with a bathroom. It is possible to take a shower before or after the massage (individual products and disinfected towels are provided). The massage oils used are pure, with high level of quality and do not stain clothes. Also, it is also possible to keep the oil on your body, the skin feeds on it.

I take a shower after every massage and I take care of my hands, to get you the best treatment.

Can I touch you during the massage?

Massage is a time you devote to yourself, during which you have the opportunity to abandon yourself, to position your conscious brain in 'off' mode. During the moment that we share, it's about immersing yourself deep in your body, your feelings, your emotions, to accept being pampered, without reciprocity, without having to give back what you receive .

This mutual trust between us, allows an honest and pure exchange. The massaged person receives the massage and masseur mass. Also, the contacts must be respectful of my physical integrity. A touch is considered correct and helps maintain the flow of energy; during my sessions, the question of an erotic relationship is not included.

Am I naked during the massage?

Nudity during a massage is a sign of openness and acceptance of one's body. This allows you to take full advantage of the moment and make your body conscious of itself, to help it reconnect. The massage takes place in a room with a cozy atmosphere and darkness allowing privacy.

Thus, you will be free to relax completely. The wearing of clothes causes a break in the massage movement and a break in the exchange of energy. It is possible to slightly cover the intimate parts.

I am also slightly dressed during the massage to be in the same conditions as you, with confidence.

What happens if my body reacts during the massage?

During a massage, it is normal for the body to react, since it is given the opportunity to refocus on itself, to find sensations and often, to feel the emotion of tactile memories of lived moments. Your body may bend, tense, or shake when moving on parts. Tears can flow without knowing the reason. Be assured that everything is fine; the body does not hurt itself. The massage is appreciated even more when it is lived without apprehensions, without expectations and without prejudices. My role as a masseur is to guide you to a state of well-being and deep relaxation.

How should I handle a high level of body pleasure, an erection, an orgasm?

The relaxed, self-focused body can provide a high level of inner pleasure. The search for performance does not exist in the massage since it is about letting go and self-awareness.

Some parts of the body have a memory of touch and, without knowing why, are more sensitive. Also, it can happen to experience an unwanted erection, or even an orgasm. Orgasm is spontaneous and is a natural reaction of the body when it is pampered, feeling honestly safe.

It can be reached without ejaculation, it is the beginning of the full consciousness of your body, without thoughts oriented on the sexual performance (the performance is not the subject of the moment that we will live together). No judgment will be made on the natural reactions of your body. The inner orgasm, not really well known and experienced, is a deep-rooted discovery of unknown sensations and allows the deployment of a beautiful, positive energy throughout your body.

Some of your rates are lower than your colleagues, why?

The pricing policy I apply has been carefully thought through.

This was established in order to allow people with the desire and / or the need to find themselves to be able to do so, despite limited financial possibilities. It is not just a question of money, the main purpose is to offer your body this magnificent gift, this reconnection, the rediscovery of yourself.

Other querries?

Do not hesitate to contact me for any other request. I am at your disposal to provide you the answers to your questions.

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