About me, Why performing massages ?


Once you experience and understand the true state of bliss, you begin to wish the same to other people in the world.

I experienced this state of mind and after that, I sought to learn to provide the state of absolute well-being to others.

Time after time, I realized that my path was to follow the way of sharing energy, connecting to others, sensing feelings and becoming aware of one's own body.


Massage is a great way to restore the body's natural balance, relieve pain and begin the process of regeneration and healing.

Stress elimination and psychological relaxation are also an integral part of any good massage through the balance of our vital energy traveling through the chakras.

Towards fullness

For our moment to be a successful energy experience:

- Irreproachable hygiene for both of us.

- A strong trust link must be established to encourage the 'letting go' and deep relaxation induced by massage.

- Respect is also required and will be kept in all circumstances.

- I will have a sense of listening and empathy to 'feel myself as if I was at your place', I mass as I like to be massaged.

- Discretion assured, especially as a situation of intimacy is naturally created, favored by the contacts induced by the massage.

- My body will be attentive to yours and your mind to anticipate your needs.

Each massage is rewarding, both for you and for me, since I experience the satisfaction of providing you with well-being and / or relieving yourself. Merge our positive energies, connect to each other gratifies me and generates a feeling of inner happiness.

During our session, thanks to various gestures ful of delicacy and sensual movements, I will have at heart to revive your vital energy, to make it circulate through your body. This respectful and honest unconditional love will lead you to a deep state of relaxation, well-being, making this moment a timeless moment. A mixture of sweetness, generosity, emotions, sensations, inner happiness, reconnection with your body, passion and fusion.

Discover the different massages that I propose, it is also possible to combine several techniques during a session.

I welcome you to my place or move to yours (also to hotels).

See you soon,

Xavier, Human's Revealer

Member of Tantric Massage Association, https://association-massage-tantrique.com/

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