COVID-19 INFORMATION: shower available before / after the session, hydro-alkaline gel and masks available, thorough cleaning between each host. Looking forward to welcome you soon.
Californian Massage

The heart touch, relaxation and awakening of consciousness

The wellness massage or Californian massage aims to relax the body and energize it. The totality of the person being massaged is taken into consideration. The physical, emotional and psychological dimensions are integrated by the quality of touch, listening, respect and ethics.

Each massage is unique since it is your body that will guide my movements. The wellness massage has no therapeutic nature, it will help you find balance and harmony (body and mind).

If points of tension are identified, then they will be treated to soothe them, to remove them, using kneading, brushing and wraps.

Massage can open the path to self-discovery, revealing inner peace and the pleasure of a body that can breathe and move freely.

The benefits

- Relaxation

- Feeling of being pampered, like in a cocoon

- Relaxed the body

- Improves blood and lymphatic circulation

- Improves the elimination of toxins

- Help in the digestion and assimilation of food

- Contributes to the proper functioning of vital organs and psycho-bodily awakening


- Fever

- Recent surgical intervention

- Inflammation of the skin or joints

- Rashes, bruises

Used oil

- Pure warm sweet almond oil


Duration    Incall
1 hour
         65 €
        100 €

After 10pm: +50€/session.

Contact me if you wish me to come beyond the center of Brussels.

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