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Hot Stone Massage

Relaxing and toning heat for total release

The hot stone massage uses basalt volcanic rocks, round and soft, heated, containing a high iron level which allows them to store heat for up to 45 minutes.

Rich in minerals, they act on the mind and the body; the heat causes a muscular relaxation, a deep and draining relaxation and restores vitality. This massage reduces pain and helps blood circulation. The benefits of Hot Stone massage last for at least 2 to 3 days.

Throughout the session, hot stones will be used to massage, caress, squeeze and knead specific areas of the body. The feet and legs are also massaged with a warm massage oil.

After performing brushes and rubs on the body, the hot stones will be placed on the spine, in the palms of the hands and between the toes. Under the effect of heat, these energy points are stimulated and released. Once lying on your back, the same ritual can be performed on the other parts of the body.

The benefits of hot stone massage are many. It allows to let go, detoxify the body. Under the effect of heat, the vessels dilate; it improves blood and lymphatic circulation. Through small pressures, draining touches and small kneading, the tensed areas of your body are loosened and relaxed. You may feel a drop in nervous tension, or feeling emptied. Also it is better not to have too important physical as psychic activity after a hot stone massage.

A feeling of inner peace and spiritual wellbeing through the heat that will spread the stones will settle in you.

The benefits

- Warms cold extremities and is useful in Raynaud's syndrome

- Reduces the effects of stress and promotes psycho-corporal awakening

- Softens and relaxes skin and muscles

- Helps the body to get rid of its toxins

- Promotes the rejection of lactic acid, regulates the circulation of blood and energy flows

- Promotes the feeling of anchoring to the land

- Optimizes lymphatic drainage, strengthens the immune system

- Relieves muscle knots and relieves pain (fibromyalgia, painful periods)

- Relieves sinus congestion


- Cardiac diseases or advanced cardiovascular disorders, hyper tension

- People with reduced sensitivity to heat and cold

- weakened immune system or respiratory disorders

- People with developed varicose veins, diabetes, pregnant

Used oil

- Pure warm sweet almond oil


This massage is only available at my place due to the heating time of the stones (min 30 minutes) and of the quantity of material to move.

1 hour 30         90€

After 10pm: +50€/session

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