Sensamotion massage: Revelation and sensation of your emotions within your body

Here is the Ultimate massage experience that I offer you, Sensation and Emotion.


The combination of several techniques from different types of massages, the Sensamotion aims at complete letting go and fullness thanks to a total reconnection of your body to itself.

Allow yourself a moment out of time, disconnect your brain and let your body react to what it is feeling. Do you like to ! Consider yourself! Be aware of yourself!

My hands will make contact with your body to instantly create a bond of trust, this cocoon of safety in which each of us will know that we are not risking anything. You can then surrender yourself. Awakening your vital energy through the root and sacral chakras, unblocking the heart chakra to allow the flow of energy to flow again.

Little by little you cast off and the journey begins… destination? whichever you choose ...

A permanent contact binds us, a unique moment of rediscovering each cm² of yourself ...

Reconnecting your body with itself, all the 'pieces of the puzzle' that make up you are united again, feel the energy unfold. A strong and powerful touch mixed with an exacerbated sensuality make this massage a real experience that you will take to wherever you want. This journey into wholeness is YOUR time. Let your body react, it won't hurt itself. Tears? laughs? moans? smiles? tremors? jolts? singing? let go, this is the key to absolute well-being, emotions must be expressed; feel them, live them, without fear.

After having gone so far, a moment of calm will allow you to return safely, I will then welcome you on Earth.

We can evoke, if you wish, what you felt, what you experienced.

This moment is yours, it is you who will guide me to that state of relaxation that you are looking for, I will do it with kindness and respect.

The benefits

-          Relaxation, relaxation

-          Feeling of being pampered, like in a cocoon

-          Boosts blood and lymphatic circulation

-          Balances the energy channels

-          Connects body and mind

-          Sensation of leaving for a pleasant trip


-          Recent surgery

-          Recent injury

Oil used-         

-        Pure lukewarm sweet almond oil




Contact me if you wish me to come beyond the center of Brussels.

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