Tao-Tantra massage: a path of self-awareness and release of energy

What is Tao?

Tao is a Chinese cosmology whose name means 'the way' which gave birth to 'Tao of the art of loving'. By Tao, we harmonize Water, linked to vital energy, and Fire, linked to energy of the heart, in a perfect Earth-Heaven alignment.

The Tao would represent the Great Way of the Universe and underlying, consciousness at the heart of all existence. Create unity with the Tao would be to focus on our feelings rather than on our thoughts. This unity would also depend on the harmony between the two opposing and complementary forces of yin (implosive female energy) and yang (explosive male energy). The Tao massage unifies body and mind, nourishes self-love and respect for others.

What is tantra?

Tantra is a path of self-awareness and inner awakening which aims to harmonize man: inspire to become unified, whole, more complete. The term tantra comes from the word 'tanoti', meaning expansion, and 'trayoti' meaning liberation, which defines the release and diffusion of life energy.

What is Taoist - tantra massage?

The Taoist Tantra massage consists in reorganizing in depth the energy stored in your body, via the seven energy centers that we all have (the chakras). This energy is of vital importance to feel mentally and physically well.

In this practice, your life energy is awakened, circulated throughout your body through the channels that are the meridians. It will stimulate and heal your internal organs.

In the Far East and among Indian tribes, massage was originally a means of healing and well-being. However, our Western education limits us in the use of our five senses. Thanks to massage, you are responding to a basic need that you knew as a child: to be touched with tenderness and respect, and to feel the warmth of a caress.

Through massage, you will experience relaxation, how to release tension and how to get from stress to serenity. You will approach your sensitivity and your true feelings; you can recognize them without prejudice, accept them and show them. A release that brings you closer to yourself and your needs; a feeling of fullness and deep well-being.

Taoist massage takes these notions into account: alternating subtle yin movements and firm and enveloping yang movements, it reactivates the free circulation of Qi (name of vital energy).

This results in varied and intense sensations, such as floating on the water or on a cloud, melting, burning, in a delicious awareness of your whole body, you will feel like a newborn baby, cradled and wrapped in love, respect and tenderness. It is a very maternal and benevolent touch.

The benefits

-          Create a state of relaxation (mental, physical and emotional)

-          Better circulation of energies

-          Stress, chronic fatigue, depression will disappear as if by magic

-          Promote vitality, joy, self-confidence, health, sleep, stimulates sexual energy

-        Improve health (stimulates the purification process and activates specific healing and release points)

-          Eliminate blockages (energy can go to the root of the blockage)

-      Drive spiritual awakening (spiritual inspiration shines and awakens natural curiosity towards deeper aspects of ourselves and our true nature)

-          Improve relationships

-          Provide lasting happiness (can bring a new breath of life, a release from the clutches of the past and a benevolent clarity for the future)

-        Return to a good tone to the failing libidos and to the organs often clogged by poor quality living practices


-          Fever

-          Infection, wounds not covered

-          Recent trauma to the vertebrae

-          Chronicdisease

-          Untreated high blood pressure

-          Unstableepilepsy

Oil used

-          Pure warm sweet almond oil


The session includes:
-    10 to 15 minutes for the welcome, an infusion, and a moment to discuss your expectations
-    90, 120, 150 or 180 minutes of massage depending on the duration choosen.
-    10 to 15 minutes to let you come back to Earth, take an infusion and share your feelings if you wish





Contact me if you wish me to come beyond the center of Brussels.

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