Kashmiri Shivaite Tantra Massage: an unifying and intimate powerful inner journey

The Kashmiri Shivaite tantra massage allows energy to circulate throughout the body and particularly the sexual energy which is the primary energy of life. Not in order to generate a tense excitement towards a goal, but indeed as an energetic means of promoting what the alchemists call 'the great work'. It is celebrated in a calm atmosphere, in a deep mutual respect with the greatest purity of gift on the part of the masseur. The masseur exercises his art in a non-dual principle. The massé becomes disciple and receiving host.

Tantra tends to allow us to regain consciousness of our body / mind unity.

The energy points, chakras, marmas and nadis are gradually opened and fluidized. This is to promote good circulation of essential energy to higher energy centers. Kashmiri massage approaches being as a whole. It affects the person in its different dimensions: physical and sensory, emotional, mental and spiritual.

This massage, formerly given to Indian soldiers before their departure for the conflict in order to revive their energy system, has the particularity of being performed in 4 positions; on the left flank, then on the right flank, on the stomach and finally on the back. Thus, the massé participates in a more alert way in this work on his vital energy. The different positions bring a different vision and understanding of the body, since it is not common to be massaged on the sides.

During the session, we will enter a space out of chronological time. The hands will continue their race on the clock, while our duo will be in another time, the time of the present moment.

At the end of the massage, there are few people who can say how much chronological time has passed.

The benefits

-          Opens a path to better self-knowledge

-          Help to let go with confidence.

-        Allow you to be in communion and in balance with yourself: in your body, heart and mind.

-          Improve relationship with the other (or the spouse) but also with others.

-          Rebalance the energies on the physical, emotional and mental level; evolution towards lasting well-being

-          Deep relaxation and allows vital energy to flow freely.

-          Help to remedy physiological, physical and psychological suffering

-          Prevention against negative states (stress, depression, anxiety ...).

These benefits continue for several days after the session.


-          Fever

-          Infection, wounds not covered

-          Recent trauma to the vertebrae

-          Chronicdisease

-          Untreated high blood pressure

-          Unstableepilepsy

Oil used

-          Pure warm sweet almond oil


The session includes:

-    10 to 15 minutes for the welcome, an infusion, and a moment to discuss your expectations

-    90, 120, 150 or 180 minutes of massage depending on the duration choosen.

-    10 to 15 minutes to let you come back to Earth, take an infusion and share your feelings if you wish





Contact me if you wish me to come beyond the center of Brussels.

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