« Cocoon Duo » Couple massage: Well-being rediscovered, for both of you.

Enjoying a massage for yourself is a gift to your body and it is a great reward that you give yourself; you deserve it.

Sharing this moment with a loved one, living together this rediscovery of ourself, this break in a sometimes hectic life is even stronger, more powerful, and more intense.

Live a massage as a couple / pair is a moment that is too rarely experienced; it is a moment of energetic symbiosis between you and the person with whom you are coming for a massage. Your energies will communicate and enter into communion, each bringing its strength to the other, until perfect harmony.

The Duo Cocoon massage is an alternating two-hand massage on each of you, while couples' massages are often performed either one after the other or simultaneously by two practitioners.

The movements, the pressure, the purity of the gesture and the integration of the movements will be the same on both of your bodies. You will live the same experience, with no difference.

Installed side by side, the movements will be alternated, with short pauses, when the second person is massaged. These brief interruptions will give your body time to take in what it has felt, what it has been through and to diffuse the generated energy.

The reassuring closeness of your partner will bring great serenity to your moment, a strong, beautiful and pure connection.

You will come back to reality with common strength, harmonized energy and the memory of a common journey.

The benefits

-    Allows you to have a moment of real reconnection for two

-    Promotes the rediscovery of oneself through the other

-    Assimilation by the body of each emotion felt thanks to the pauses when your partner is massaged

-    Prolonged relaxing effect

-    Allows you to release accumulated tensions

-    Relaunches the individual and common energy of the couple

-    Sharing emotions within your duo

-    Strengthening the links between you

-    Symbiosis of your 2 energies, in a safe, peaceful and pure environment

These benefits can last several days after the session.


-    Fever

-    Infection, uncovered wounds

-    Chronic disease

Oil used

-    Pure lukewarm sweet almond oil


2 hours (1 hour of massage per person)        160€

Contact me if you wish me to come beyond the center of Brussels..

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