∞ 4-Hand Harmony massage: an energetic and resourcing time lapse

First of all, the 4-hand massage is a very unique experience!

This massage has a different approach than a session with a single masseur. The 3-persons energy connection is reinforced by this triptych, the sensations are tenfold and allowing you to feel even more unified in your body, with your heart and your mind.

It is an energizing and harmonizing relaxing massage. The energetic connection of 3 people is very strong and the fact of being touched in full consciousness by 4 coordinated hands allows the surrender of brain control. With an approach centered on the body and energy, the feeling of 4 hands and the enveloping side allows you to let go in another way, as following the movements is being less easy.

The quality of the touch makes all the difference and reveals the quality of the heart and the purity of the intention, as much of the masseurs as of the massaged person.

A real fluid choreography including gentle and precise movements, performed in rhythm and in a coordinated way to offer you a moment of pure and deep relaxation. The massage alternates slow and enveloping gestures, such as soft touches, and faster or deeper movements, such as pressure and kneading.

Each masseur having his own energy footprint, your whole body will be touched by each of the masseur so a balance of the two energies is created. I work with trusted, experienced practitioners, known and recognized for their quality of presence in their touch. The two practitioners work in full awareness; this is the success key of your psycho-corporal journey.

During the session, there will be many synchronized movements, as well as periods of desynchronization. This will bypass the brain which so often wishes to “control everything”.

The massage is practiced on a table to facilitate the movements of the 2 masseurs.
Respect and benevolence are of course the pillars of this session.

How the session goes ?

The session will begin with a welcome tea (or cold drink), a brief presentation of the practitioners and an approach with words about your feelings, your physical treatment needs (pains) as well as your state of mind (anamnesis).
This moment helps to create the first bond of trust and security path, essential to the heart opening.
Then you will be accompanied to the massage room where you can tie the sarong around your waist.
We will begin the massage with a standing contact ritual and then you will be invited to sit on the massage table for your energy journey.

The body supports a powerful energetic touch with 4 hands lasting an hour, an hour and fifteen minutes, hardly more.
As many emotions, sensations are awakened, the body needs time to integrate and impregnate them.
At the end of the massage, you will have a few minutes to come back to Earth and tell us about your feelings and how you feel “now”. Any emotion is welcome and has its rightful place in this moment, accept it as it comes; it’s your heart’s message.

After the treatment, it is recommended to remain in a quiet way of life, and to encourage moments of break. This lasts the beneficial effects of the treatment over the long term.

The benefits

-    Great feeling of relaxation and let go (as the touch is increased tenfold, it activates more nerve fibers).
-    Tenfold muscle relaxation and a great feeling of well-being.
-    Fight against cellulite.


-    Physical disorders (inflammation of the skin or joints, rashes, bruises, sprains, muscle tears, burns).
-    Severe fever, infections, nausea, abdominal pain, recent sores or scars.
-    Pregnancy (because the 4-hand massage greatly stimulates the lymphatic return).
-    Heart problems, circulatory disorders or diseases relating to the bones or skeleton.
-    Allergy to sweet almond oil.

Oil used

-    Warm pure sweet almond oil


This massage is available during certain periods of the year, depending on the availability of my fellow masseur.

The session includes:
-    Welcome moment of 15 minutes with a tea or an infusion, and a moment to discuss your expectations
-    60 to 75 minutes of massage by 2 masseurs in pair
-    10 to 15 minutes to let you come back to Earth and share your feelings


2 hour-Ritual (+/-)

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