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Swedish Massage

Goodbye tensions & Welcome tone

Swedish Massage is a strong and powerful massage to act in depth on the muscular tensions of each muscle group, the adhesions and the blood circulation.

In this approach, the muscles of the body are used one ater each other by various techniques. The soothing and stimulating, decongestant or neurotonic action of this massage is suitable for both an active and sedentary person.

This massage aims to relax, normalize circulation, relieve muscle pain and tension, and soften the skin and tight muscles.

The movements are arranged according to my perception of your body, your needs and the points of tension encountered: touch, kneading, percussion, vibration, friction, mobilization, twists ...

The benefits

- Improves blood circulation

- Relax nervous and stressed people by regenerating their nervous system

- Eliminates body tension, stimulates and strengthens overall while relaxing

- Promotes muscle relaxation

- Maintenance the mobility of the joints

- Help with the elimination of toxins

- Promotes better tissue oxygenation

- Improves recovery and quality of sleep

- Helps fight stress by bringing a deep well-being


- Fever, cold, flu, infection

- Inflammation, acute tendinitis

- 1st trimester of pregnancy

- Heart problems

Used oil

- Pure warm sweet almond oil


Duration    Incall
1 hour
         65 €
          100 €

After 10pm: +50€/session.

Contact me if you wish me to come beyond the center of Brussels.

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